If their is something that a man has a relationship with that generally can’t be taken away its his relationship to his work. If he is not working its about what he could or should do next. Today we have as many women in the work force as we do men however that cant take away from the fact that the man feels an inate need to have a career.

Many friends and clients of mine are hard working women that give the impressions that their work is very important and it might be important to the extent it take cares of her core  needs but after that their is usually a general disengagement. Its even more of a dis-attachment is she is a mother knowing her family comes first. I also know many women who are passionate about what they do and wouldn’t want to do anything else. I guess what I’m saying is that the journey in relationship to it is not completely the same.

Men approach things a little different. Work is a big part of life and until they either save enough money to not need to work or have a pension and social security to draw upon they do not see an end in sight. The primal understanding that it is righteous to leave your children a financial gift, “usually their home” keeps added pressure on him especially in the more formative adult years (25-35) while he is trying to sow his seeds.

As a good friend of mind told me once around a campfire, “When a man can’t provide for his family all bets are off”

When you venture out into the world of small business and you leave the W-2 paystub world this is a major mental hurdle. My experience with successful and not so successful entreprenuers is this. ” The feeling of financial insecurity is the same for people down to their last dollar as it is for a person with enough to purchase more than most. What this tells me is, their is always going to be a battle surrounding work.

One example is the man taking care of the family trust. One gentleman I conversed with was “worth” in excess of 5 million dollars, that’s only what I knew he had because we never know exactly what one is worth. I would like to add that no one is “worth” anything that has to do with money. Each persons value is equal in humanity.

He stuggled deeply, he felt so responsible to have to manage this money for the family. The rich man in general can’t help but being deeply tied up to his money. He did not know what to do with it and like all was scared to lose it. I learned being able to purchase anything that I wanted was not what it was all cracked up to be. He however was fortunate enough to be able to raise his children with a large nest egg at his disposal. I remember him telling me that he would tell his son when he was young boy, “Do what you love and make them pay you well for it” You can better deal with your work when its a labor of love, it  keeps one from dreaming of retirement at an early age.

No one can perform a task over a long period of time well if they do not love to do it.