A floundering entrepreneur is what I am. This is the life of such a peculiar group. I set off at a very young age to lead the world, be an intellectual mind and deepest of thinkers in regards to topics relating to economics and its effects on the ground level of society. A desire to be a business advocate for the smallest of businesses has been my life’s journey.

Topics related to money and the masculine journey that surrounds the need for money have been a cornerstone of my life.  To insure my inner most desire for understanding such realities was formed I burrowed into each and every economic walk of life. As a youngster I followed markets and trends but it was my intuition that took me the farthest. It is through intuition I have made all of my best decisions.

I realize the need for the masses to have financial coaches in their lives’ and what better way than study up on how money is made, how money is saved and the relationship that revolves around it. We must go deeper than the numbers in everything. Happiness is found when we can’t go to sleep because what we are doing excites us too much to stop thinking about it. I will end with what I begin saying to all my clients with regards to financial philosophy. “It’s easier to save money than to make money.”