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What makes small business tick? Who are these people who have the willingness and drive to leave their jobs behind and try to create a life they always dreamed about?Join me on this journey that started out so long ago as I tap into the minds and the concepts of the entrepreneur. For so many people in the United States a job is something they have to go to for paying bills, keeping a roof over the family’s head and providing for the future.

While this concept has been around since the beginning of time, for many this is nothing short of a drag. This goes for men and women alike. One of the reasons why this is painful because as a child you had a dream, you went to high school and then maybe you went to college with an idea as to what you wanted to do once you graduated. Now that you have the degree in hand you are ready to make the big bucks only to find out your degree is a piece of paper a valuable piece of paper but not a ticket to simply get rich or a guarantee of the American dream none the less.

How this happens

We start off in our twenties completely confused. Their is no college course or atleast one that I remember signing up for that taught us that we would have a tough time in the workforce. We would dislike the commute, have issues with the boss and then get paid half of what is told to us in the Occupational Outlook handbook. Such is life. But wait with degree in hand we should come out of college making 50, 60, 70,000 right. Wrong. Dead wrong. If you are a bit more seasoned in life you can look back and see how much you did not know back in young adult life.

The reality

Now comes Entreprenuership. Take this job and shove it! We get all “puffed up” ready to roll out our new business. We have a plan, a few dollars and dream. I heard one young man say, “I’m going to make it in this one horse town” Time goes bye, sales are not as good as expected. Life is not as good as expected. Psychological damage sets in, the painful thought that you will be a worker bee all of your life unless…. and I mean unless you are willing to do what ever it takes to be on your own. Starting a business needs to be the most important thing in your life. It’s best if your family is also aboard. What if you do not have family? Well, consider this site and all my material your new family!

In Concluding

Their are no answers but their is a course of action. Where ever you are in your journey their are some core things that need to be understood. Keep you eyes open, your ears pierced and hold on because the life of an entrepreneur can really really strange. From ocean view mansions to homeless in city streets they are everywere. For all of these type one thing is for sure they did not want to settle neither should you

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